Correa and Cristina on their way to Washington to confirm that they will travel with Zelaya Lugo is ready to accompany them

BUENOS ARIES, July 3.— Argentine President Cristina Fernández left for Washington this evening to join the delegation that will accompany constitutional President Manuel Zelaya on his return to Honduras, reported state news agency, Télam.

Correa and Cristina on their way to Washington to confirm that they will travel with ZelayaAlso joining the delegation is Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who confirmed today that, in order to defend its democracy, Latin America must not drop its demand that Zelaya returns to power.

In a statement released by the government’s communications secretary, the dignitary insisted that the days of the military coup in Tegucigalpa are numbered thanks to the immense international pressure for the constitutional president to be restored once again to his position.

Likewise, Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo expressed his willingness to travel to Honduras whenever necessary and said that it is highly likely that other heads of state within the region will be joining his colleagues from Argentina and Ecuador in the coming hours.

Meanwhile, in Tegucigalpa OAS General Secretary José Migual Insulza has begun to directly negotiate the restitution of Manuel Zelaya as Honduran president in spite of the stubborn refusal of the de facto government.

Meanwhile, representatives of social organizations have requested a meeting with Insulza in order to present him with a letter in which they condemn the coup d’état and subsequent repression.

Jorge Rivera, president of the Supreme Court, told the OAS general secretary that they is an arrest warrant for Zelaya and that his expulsion is irreversible, according to court spokesperson Danilo Izaguirre. However, INTERPOL has reported that it has not received any request to detain the constitutional Honduran president at its central offices in France. (SE)

Translated by Granma International


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