Thousands in Honduras demand Zelaya’s return

TEGUCIGALPA.—An impressive demonstration yesterday flowed through the principal streets of the Honduran capital in repudiation of the military coup and calling for the return of Manuel Zelaya, the constitutional president.

On Wednesday the Honduran Congress approved the suspension of several individual rights during the hours that curfew is in force, while Roberto Micheletti’s government has defied the OAS ultimatum to reinstate the deposed president, Manuel Zelaya.

The demonstrators converged in the vicinity of the Presidential Palace, where on Monday hundreds of soldiers with assault rifles and water cannon trucks fired on a large group of people backing Zelaya.

“We want Mel, we want Mel now,” chanted the march participants, using the president’s nickname.

They had come together earlier at the intersection of several streets some 500 meters from the entrance to the Presidential Palace, where popular leaders called for civil disobedience until Zelaya’s return.

The People’s Resistance Front is now in its third day of a general strike until democracy is reestablished and the authorities voted into power in the last election are returned to government.

The Front is composed of three central labor union groups and campesino, youth, student, human rights, and other social organizations.

The popular leaders explained that the constitution lays down that no citizens are obliged to subject themselves to the usurpers of power and that the constitution awards the people the right to rise up against them.  (PL)

Translated by Granma International


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