United States urged to condemn coup in Honduras

UNITED NATIONS, June 28 (PL). — UN General Assembly president Miguel D’Escoto called today on U.S. President Barack Obama to immediately condemn the military coup carried out against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

In a statement released here, the former Nicaraguan foreign minister also asked the Honduran Army to immediately desist from its coup actions.

D’Escoto likewise called upon the presidents of Central America, Latin America, the Caribbean and the world to “immediately speak out against the attempted coup and in solidarity with the constitutional president of Honduras.”

In his appeal to Obama, D’Escoto referred to the U.S. president’s statements in the recent Summit of the Americas regarding his new Latin America policy.

“Many are wondering whether this attempted coup is part of that new policy, given that it is well known that the Honduran army has a history of total submission to the United States,” the General Assembly president commented.

That is why it is essential that Obama — in order to leave no room for doubt — immediately condemn the coup being carried out against President Zelaya, D’Escoto said.

The communiqué said that D’Escoto had convened an emergency meeting of his crisis team in New York in order to follow the events closely and take any steps deemed appropriate.

D’Escoto, a Catholic priest, the “only solution to the current crisis is to immediately restore Zelaya to his office and the powers that popular sovereignty has granted him through the ballot box.”

He emphasized that “no other alternative would be acceptable to the international community.”

Lastly, D’Escoto expressed his deep concern over the way rule of law was being violated with practices that belong to the past in Latin America, and not the democratic present of the 21st century.

Translated by Granma International


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