Declaration of the Presidency of Cuba’s National Assembly

The U.S. Supreme Court announced today, without explanation, its
decision not to review the case of our Five comrades who are unjustly
imprisoned in that country for struggling against anti-Cuban
terrorism that is sponsored by the U.S. rulers. The judges did what
the Obama administration requested of it.

In spite of the solid arguments made by the defense attorneys from
the obvious and multiple legal violations committed during the whole
trial, by ignoring the universal backing to the petition?expressed by
an unprecedented number of “friend of the Court” briefs, among them
10 Nobel prize recipients, hundreds of parliamentarians, and numerous
U.S. and international jurist organizations, of outstanding political
and academic personalities?the Supreme Court rejected the case, thus
ignoring the demand of Humanity and its obligation to do justice.

We see manifested once more the arbitrariness of a corrupt and
hypocritical system and its brutal treatment of our Five brothers.

Our struggle to win their freedom will not diminish for one instant.
Now is the time to step up our actions, and not leave even one space
uncovered or door unopened.

We are certain that Gerardo, Antonio, Fernando, Ramón, and René will
continue leading this battle, as they have during these almost 11

Responding to the infamous decision, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo

Based on the experience that we have had, I am not surprised by the
Supreme Court’s decision. I have no confidence at all in the justice
system of the United States. There are no longer any doubts that our
case has been, from the beginning, a political case, because not only
did we have the necessasry legal arguments for the Court to review
it, we also have the growing international support as reflected in
the Amicus briefs presented to the Court in our favor. I repeat what
I said one year ago, June 4, 2009, that as long as one person remains
struggling outside, we will continue resisting until there is

The struggle must be multiplied until the U.S. government is forced
to put an end to this monstruous injustice and restore freedom to
Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René.

Presidency of the National Assembly of People’s Power

June 15, 2009


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