Alarcón warns of new maneuver to divide the Five

RICARDO Alarcón, president of Cuba’s Parliament, has warned of a new maneuver designed to divide the Cuban five, political prisoners in the United States, and reiterated that their release depends on President Barack Obama.

At the Museum of Natural Sciences in Havana, Alarcón inaugurated the exhibition “Birds for unity” by Antonio Guerrero, one of the Five, saying they “have been able to make art, spirituality and culture flourish, and they are paradigms, as we would like our sons and daughters to be.”

He noted that the U.S. Supreme Court is to announce in the next few days whether or not it will review the case. With respect to that, the Miami media is proposing to release four of them and maintain the double life sentence for Gerardo Hernandez, in order to satisfy the spirit of vengeance of the pro-annexation mafia.

“This is something that we should categorically reject,” Alarcón explained to the audience, which included relatives of the Five and participants in the 5th Image of Nature Festival in Memory of Rosa Elena Simeón, with exhibits that include Tony’s.

Alarcón said that Obama could withdraw all the charges against the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters, who have been victims of the violation of U.S. laws, and “a simple signature of his would be enough to release them.”

That message must be multiplied and spread, he said, referring to his call on the U.S. president and the Miami media’s attempt to divide the five prisoners. Alarcón thanked the organizers of the art event, which has been dedicated to the Five and the deceased Dr. Simeón.

Mirta Rodríguez said that beyond the artistic value that her son’s paintings may have, the most important thing is the love and dedication with which he made them, and that when she asked him, he proposed the title of “Birds for unity.”

Along with mothers and wives of the Five, those present included Julio Camacho Aguilera, winner of the 2008 National Environmental Award.

The 5th Image of Nature Festival continues until next Friday at the Museum of Natural Sciences (AIN).


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