ANAKBAYAN tribute to Comrade Vilma Espin Guillois

ANAKBAYAN (Sons and Daughters of the People) in the Philippines would like to pay tribute to Vilma Espin Guillois – an exemplary woman fighter, a true hero of the people.

Vilma Espin Guillois is truly admirable for her selfless dedication to the revolution, relentless courage, and lifetime service for the Cuban people. Her life would serve as an inspiration to the young revolutionaries, not only in Cuba, but elsewhere in the world. A brave and heroic Vilma would never be forgotten by the Cuban people and revolutionaries around the world. She deserves the highest honors of a revolutionary.

Anakbayan joins the national democratic struggle of the Filipino people, in overthrowing US imperialism, domestic feudalism and the fascist rule of the Macapagal-Arroyo puppet regime. The young revolutionaries in the Philippines should take courage even in the most trying times, when the fascist state unleashes its most ferocious attack against the struggling people. We should derive inspiration and strength from Comrade Vilma Espin Guillois.

Anakbayan salutes you, Vilma Espin Guilloi.

Long live the life and revolutionary spirit of Comrade Vilma Espin Guillois!

On behalf of Anakbayan,

Eleanor de Guzman,